Hey there!

I'm Taylor.

For as long as I can remember I've been capturing moments through stills. Picture this (pun intended) that one annoying person holding everyone else up just to capture one single raindrop on a leaf that resembles the millions of others surrounding it, well that was me. I see beauty in everything, the only difference now is I've upgraded to capturing people and I absolutely love it.

Most of my childhood was spent moving around once or twice a year, always being in a new place with new people made me into the social butterfly I am today, this means our sessions will never have an awkward moment, it will be full of laughter and we will truly connect.

Working With Me

My philosophy is to capture who “you” are, and not just who you show the camera but who you truly are, your personality, your true smile, the things that make you unique. I want you to look at the images we create together and say “wow is that me?” a common response from my clients. I specialize in posing so you will never be alone on the other side of the lens.

My Style

My style is very organic, I love natural light, warmth, contrast and simplicity. I love capturing small details like the way fingers intertwine with loved ones, or how a nose crinkles when a kiss is laid. I get up close and personal but you never feel invasion, I love to fill our sessions with conversation, laughter and comfort. I'm quick but intentful so there will be no wasted time.